It is said that heart vines bring a love affair and good luck because of the heart-shaped leaves and vines.
The strong colour contrast moderates the feminine/childish impression that heart motifs might give you.
It is recommended not only for yourself but also for any celeberation, Christmas, Chinese New Year, a wedding or Valentine Day.

Please iron from the exterior to get waterproof back.

70cm Isa Monyo Water-Repellent Heart Vine Vermilion

    • Code : 10282-202
    • Dimensions : 70 x 70 cm (27.6″ x 27.6″)
    • Weight : 73 g
    • Material : 100% polyester
    • Made in Japan
    • Bag etc.

    AQUA DROP A convenient Outdoor and rainy day Furoshiki made of “water repellent processing”
    This wrapping repels water with its “water repellent coating” on the surface which will protect important bags and luggage from sudden rain. It can also be used as a simple leisure seat or table cloth.
    When the water repellent effect weakens, simply apply an iron (medium temperature) and the water repellent effect will return.


    ISA-MONYO laboratory has created many kinds of patterns and designs since 1940s. They have more than 3,000 cut panel patterns made of Kakishibu (persimmon tannin).