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Camellia is a representative motif of Yumeji, and it’s designed on Chiyogami (Japanese paper with coloured figures), neckpiece, New Year’s money envelope and so on.

Camellias have been loved in Japan because it starts blooming in the beginning of spring telling people winter is over.
The colour contrast between deep blue and red is an important part of the design.
The blurs on the flower and leaves make the design look more graceful by adding the depth.

Please iron from the exterior to get waterproof back.

70cm YUMEJI Water-Repellent | Camellia Dark Navy

SKU: 10281-201
    • Code : 10281-201
    • Dimensions : 70 x 70 cm (27.6″ x 27.6″).
    • Weight : 72 g.
    • Material : 100% polyester.
    • Made in Japan.
    • Bag etc..
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