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This is a handbag set with a 50cm furoshiki and two leather handles. You can use it for a quick outing, organizing items in your bag, or as a lunch bag by putting in your wallet, smartphone, key case, etc. Made of cotton shantung fabric, it provides a solid and reassuring feel. With two handles, it allows easy access to your belongings, and the natural texture and comfortable grip of the genuine leather handles can be felt.

    Furoshiki Bags Set | Konomi Bag with Leather Handles

    SKU: 1618182

      • Mini furoshiki bag set with a 50cm cotton furoshiki and two leather handles
      • Furoshiki: 50cm x 50cm, 100% cotton
      • Handles: Vegetable tanned genuine leather, size 2.5cm width x 16cm length x 2
      • The Light Hand design is a registered design of WALK.
      • Made in Japan
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