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Collaboration with Shiseido Singapore

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Can't travel to Japan this year and miss all those wonderful Japanese skincare products? Shiseido Singapore and Watson have created this special promotion - My Japanese Beauty!

We are more than thrilled to be the gift-with-purchase partner to promote sustainable Japanese lifestyle together!

What is Furoshiki?

It's a traditional wrapping cloth in Japan from the Nara period, and now it's been modernised to suit our lifestyle with a positively conscious mind.

A 45cm cloth is perfect for wrapping bento boxes, water bottles and foldable umbrellas. It can also be made into a small pouch to carry your essentials.

A 70cm cloth is good for wrapping wine bottles or bigger objects. It's a medium-sized shopping bag too!

A 100cm cloth is big enough to be your grocery shopping bag, a picnic mat, a table cloth, and even a tapestry at home!

Shop Your Japanese Skincare

Here is the link to Shiseido and Watson's My Japanese Beauty event!

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