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Up-cycling Workshops with Uniqlo!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Partnering UNIQLO Singapore‘s month-long online-offline celebration of the best of LifeWear, with a focus on its craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability in October 2021, Team Furoshikilah! hosted 4 weekend workshops to spread the love of wrapping with upcycled furoshiki from donated Uniqlo old garments.

The Uniqlo old garments were washed, disinfected, cut and sewed to 45-50cm squares for our workshop.

This size is ideal for wrapping smaller objects, such as bento boxes, water bottles, sanitiser bottles or flower pots, etc.

We also provided bigger sized furoshiki cloths for our participants to try out different wrapping methods.

Furoshiki is not only a piece of cloth

We were so happy to see our participants fascinated by the versatility of the furoshiki cloth! It is not just a piece of cloth, with simple knots, it can be turned into a bag which wraps all kinds of objects!

Furoshiki comes in different sizes!

Did you know how the different sizes of furoshiki are designed?

45-50cm square is more for smaller objects such as bento boxes, water bottles or plant pots, etc.

70cm square is good for making a medium-sized shopping bag, or stylish wrapper for wine bottles!

100cm square is perfect for making a big shopping bag for groceries, carrying a yoga mat or skateboard, feeding cape for mothers, picnic carrier and mat, or even a tapestry at home!

Thinking of upcycling your old garments into beautiful and useful furoshiki cloth? Our suggestions are:

  1. Use cotton or polyester material which should be soft and easy to tie.

  2. Try to avoid thin and smooth fabrics such as silk or chiffon, they are slippery and cannot hold heavy items.

  3. Long circle skirts can be upcycled to 2 or 3 pieces of furoshiki.

  4. Use a tailor shop to help you press the hem. It's not a must but can make your furoshiki looks neat.

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